Investing in innovation and technological production, we have created a new industry. A biotechnology company, attentive to advances in the nutritional area that permeates between ingredients and differentiated solutions for food industries, supplements and manipulation pharmacies.

We dedicate total exclusivity to research, development and innovation. We proactively, collaboratively and responsibly share our technical and industrial experience of the potential living microbial cultures, fully aware of the challenges and needs of each market.


In the most different cultures, the legendary bird that rises from the ashes is a symbol of hope, persistence and transformation. Also according to mythology, the Phoenix was extremely strong and her tears had healing characteristics.


A contínua evolução tecnológica. Desenvolver ingredientes e serviços diferenciados tendo por objetivo o crescimento, a credibilidade e a responsabilidade. Gerar satisfação a clientes, fornecedores e parceiros comerciais e orgulho a nossos colaboradores.


Our highest goals, what inspires us, drive and guide our business –improve the quality of our results more and more, and thus contribute to the performance of nutrition in the course of health.


Ethics - Permanent commitment to trust, suitability, fairness and transparency.

Professionalism - Respect to customers, employees and suppliers, standards and organizational principles. Constantly invest in people, respecting differences and valuing efficiency.

Quality - Maintain the company as a reference in biotechnology, productive processes and results.

Responsibility - Social, environmental and corporate responsibility exercised solidly and continuously.

Acknowledgment - Valuing customers, partners and employees that help us to be a better company to work for, a better supplier for our customers and a reason for pride in our lives.


Our human resources constitute our great differential. We seek to create conditions for the people well-being, providing an attractive, healthy and creative work environment.

Our human resources principles are:

Create conditions so that employees can fully utilize their potential and find satisfaction in their function performance.

Provide adequate working conditions, in the material aspect and interpersonal and supervisory relations.

Recognize the dedication of each employee, as well as exceptional work and achievements.

Recognize the needs and aspirations of each employee and create conditions so that they can be in harmony with the needs and goals of the company.


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