We develop and industrialize ingredients – specific microbial cultures. We invest in innovation and biotechnological production associated to competitiveness and quality.

We are partners and business partners of companies that use our ingredients to manufacture or modify their products or processes, providing differentiated products focusing on the health of their consumers.


Delivered in a concentrated, freeze-dried form and with distinct levels of microencapsulation, our ingredients are based on specific microbial cultures of beneficial microorganisms widely known.



We dedicate total exclusivity to research, development and innovation. From the beginning of our activities of production, transformation and commercialization of ingredients, this is one of our strategic points.

We are a research company maintained by our production
and not a company that owns a research center.


The development of our ingredients encompasses not only the study and cultivation of specific strains, but also selection, characterization and adaptation of microorganisms with own metabolic characteristics and different application possibilities.

These research lines cover a broad spectrum of action:

• Capable of producing specific enzymes – better assimilation of dietary nutrients;

• Capable of producing short-chain fatty acids – for trophic effect on enterocytes;

• Capable of producing bacteriocins – effect against intestinal pathogens;

• Capable of producing vitamins – such as B2, B12 and folic acid;

• Capable of producing compounds with antioxidant activity;

• Capable of producing compounds with anti-inflammatory action;

• That owns zinc and selenium naturally – with high bioavailability;

• That presents immunomodulatory action – with positive effects on the immune system.


From the initial lab work to the development and application of our ingredients, our multidisciplinary team dedicates its technical and scientific expertise entirely to innovation.

We work together with excellence centers and have production facilities and quality management systems able to provide our customers with differentiated solutions that meet their specific needs, including the development of new ingredients, compounds, processes or technologies.


Our quality policy translates our care to ensure the effectiveness of the commercialized ingredients, from the supplier qualification to distribution control and assistance.

Our customers expect their own organizations to attend the highest quality standards. In this way, we define quality as the comprehensive fulfillment of our customers’ requirements. We constantly invest in our team, training and enabling employees to be multipliers of the company’s good practices and always at the forefront of customer service.

In practical terms, we can demonstrate our commitment to the quality and our customer’s satisfaction, by three points:


Ours ingredients intrinsic quality is rigorously evaluated in our laboratories and in external laboratories to verify the product’s accordance with its technical specification. We also carry out application tests that reproduce the actual conditions of its use.


We constantly strive to keep the company as a reference in biotechnology, production processes and results through Quality Management Systems (QMS) aimed at:

• Improve our organization;

• Improve our productive processes;

• Attend specific requirements and conditions;

• Attend regulations, norms and market specifications;

• Reduce production costs;

• Present differentiated ingredients;

• Ensure environmental sustainability.


We are permanently concentrating efforts on the search for national and international certifications that demonstrate our human capital qualification, the standardization of our production processes and the quality of our ingredients.